How Doping Destroys Sports

 Every once in a while, a new athlete gets accused of doping or admits to using drugs at one point in their lives. There are five classes of drugs that are banned by the governing bodies and that list includes stimulants and hormones. Taking illegal substances to boost one’s performance, abilities, strength, and speed is undoubtedly bad for both the athlete’s health and reputation, but have you ever thought about how it actually affects the sport itself? From damaging the betting industry to ruining the whole reputation of one sport, doping is something we should all strive to live without.

Doping and sports betting

Many sports fans enjoy betting every time their favorite team is playing as it is their way of showing support. However, betting might not be that fun if you find out that matches are fixed. There were instances of teams making partnerships with bookies and using doping as a means to secure their victory. The overlap between match-fixing and doping has become more noticeable in the past couple of years and anti-doping agencies are trying their hardest to suppress these ways of manipulating the results. When someone uses doping, they have an unknown advantage which damages the whole sports betting industry for all the fans that just want to root for their favorite players.

Damage of doping on the reputation

There is a lot of research and evidence that supports the fact that the public doesn’t approve of doping. It represents a threat to the sport and damages its reputation. Many professionals and the media also believe that doping has nothing but harmful effects on all the people involved. One of the best supports for these claims is the fact that if a doping scandal occurs, there is a big chance that live broadcasters will not cover the event, and sponsors will be less likely to support it. This can also be observed in ticket sales that drastically drop once a doping case is brought to public attention.

Damage of doping on athletes

More than anything else, doping is harmful to the athlete who is doing it. Whether it is because of the constant stress they are on, or their need for victory, these people actively put themselves in danger. Narcotic analgesics are used in cases of injuries to mask the pain in order for the athlete not to miss a game, but they actually only make the injuries worse. Some of the drugs they use can lead to kidney damage and increased aggression. Some stimulants make the users more alert and energetic by increasing heart-rate. However, besides being extremely addictive, they can in some cases result in heart failure.