Conscious and Unconscious Behavior: All You Need to Know

Sigmund Freud’s study of the personality structure was introduced in the book Introduction to Psychoanalysis in 1900. At this time in psychology, the main attention was devoted to the study of contents of consciousness. It is a matter of getting to know which simple conscious elements comprise each subjective experience. He denies the importance of conscious and emphasizes the importance of the unconscious personality. There are suppressed wishes, ideas, performances. This unconscious part of the psychic life manages the behavior of a man.

External Level of Mind – Conscious

Conscious Mind or Consciousness is the external level of mind that deals with our external, social life. Consciousness receives information from the outside world through our five senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

Our consciousness functions in a rational and analytical way, because it constantly deals with information that can be analyzed and checked by some of our senses.

This ability to check information with your existing knowledge creates a critical attitude of consciousness. The critical qualities of consciousness are activated due to your existing attitudes, which are the result of the knowledge you have acquired since the beginning of your life.

Consciousness works according to the principle: What I notice to my senses is that there and I can understand it! All other information that comes to our consciousness, and does not come through our senses, completely disturbs our consciousness. This external, conscious level of mind, surrounds our inner levels of mind that do not deal with our external world, but us personally.

Internal Mind Level – Unconscious

The real place from which we control our body and life is at the level below the conscious, at the level we call the unconscious. To better understand how this level of mind works, compare the mind with a computer because the computer works according to the same principles as our mind. When you buy a new computer, you need to install new programs so you can use it for what you need. So, when you install them, your computer works by using these installed programs.

Subconsciousness is a much larger part of the mind than that of the outside. It can process millions of sensory information every second and therefore contains all of our wisdom, memories, experiences, and reactions. This level of mind represents in full sense the source of our creativity which stores and triggers all our “programs” of the automatic reaction and behavior we use in our everyday life.


We are the person who confirms our attitudes, beliefs, suggestions, and explanations of our actions and we are the person who predicts our future. For these and such reasons, continuous positive thinking, conquered by good wishes for all people, has nothing to do with our attempt to play the saint but has a relationship with our positive feelings. And, our positive feelings make us feel physically and mentally healthy. So, if we are constantly focused on prosperity and success looking for it in everything and for everyone around us, we are simply condemned to be “Happy and Satisfied”.