5 Modern-day Health Problems

People nowadays live much longer than they did in the past, and we have to admit that our lives are now significantly easier and more comfortable. Still, with the advancement of technology and our fast lifestyles, it is inevitable to come across new health problems that would be impossible to imagine ten years ago. We bring you five modern-day conditions that you might not have been aware of before.

1. Text claw

Text claw, or De Quervain syndrome, how it is known in medical circles, is the pain that can flame up throughout hands after too much of constant use. It results in wrist and thumb pain and difficulty with gripping. Although there isn’t an official diagnosis for the text claw, tech-savvy individuals often suffer from this syndrome as it usually happens due to repetitive actions such as texting or typing. Fortunately, unlike the carpal tunnel, this is not a serious issue and the pain usually passes after taking a break or putting ice on painful areas.

2. Hearing loss caused by earbuds

Earbuds and headphones are now a necessity when leaving the house. Even something boring as a 1-hour long commute to work doesn’t look so bad when you can listen to your favorite tunes while you daydream that you are far away at a music festival somewhere. Bad thing is that if you expose yourself to loud music for a long period of time, you can damage your sound-sensing hair cells which cannot be repaired. This means that once they are destroyed, hearing loss is permanent. That is why you shouldn’t listen to anything above 60% of your device’s maximum loudness, and limit headphone-use to one hour.

3. Information fatigue

Information fatigue syndrome happens when the brain is overwhelmed with information and distractions and becomes unable to block unimportant content. This can lead to poor concentration, anxiety, and indecisiveness. Research shows that we are now exposed to 200 times more information than people 20 years ago. Try taking regular breaks from technology or even having phone-free days if you can.

4.  Insomnia caused by blue lights

Our inner biological clock relies upon daylight to tell us whether it is time to be awake or go to sleep. Yellow lights are interpreted as dawn and dusk, whereas blue lights are interpreted as daytime. The thing that creates a problem for this equation is that modern smartphone displays and computer screens emit blue light that tricks our mind into thinking it is daylight which can result in insomnia and sleep deprivation. That is why it is best to turn off the phone and the computer screen as soon as it starts getting dark so that you can have a good night’s rest.

5. Cyclist’s bum

The last condition on our list isn’t technology-induced but it is a problem of a modern day individual who cycles to work. Too much pressure of the bicycle saddle on the nerves can cause peroneal nerve compression syndrome. It results in numbness, pain and tingling feeling in the legs. If symptoms are left untreated, it can lead to lasting nerve problems. A good idea for all those who love riding their bikes is to paddle out of the saddle for a couple of seconds every few minutes in order to allow the blood to circulate and nerves to recover.