What’s the Right Amount of Time That Should be Spent Online?

In modern times, modern technologies, the Internet, smartphones, tablets, and computers of all kinds are all around us. It is no wonder that we have refrigerators connected to the Internet, cars with access to social networks, and TV devices that can play Internet content have become an everyday occurrence. That’s why many are wondering—how much Internet is too much of the Internet?

What The Psychologists Say

Many studies have been done on the subject in the world, so British psychologists believe that a grown man should not be more than five hours a day in front of computers and smartphones, for teenagers it is two hours, and for younger than 8 years—less than 2 hours. However, we are all aware that this is something very difficult because a large number of computers is used at work, at home, while our phones are constantly in hand.

Today’s psychiatry and psychology already know as Diagnosis of Internet Addiction and Dependence on Video Games, and they also have different programs and workshops that help in rehab.

Definition of Internet User

Internet user is an individual who is online at least 14 hours a week. A survey by the US agency APA has shown that many teens, aged 14 to 18, spend more than 40 hours in front of their computers and phones a week, and that time can be spent for other activities.

The findings further confirm the link between too much time spent on the Internet with other health risks, such as anxiety, depression, obesity, and isolation from society. Are teens—our most precious natural resource—in danger of extinction due to too much time spent online?

What Can We Learn?

First, how much is 14 hours on the Internet? Anyone who has a conventional office work basically spends on the Internet eight hours a day, five days a week. When you add the amount of time that this person spends on the phone, and on the Internet at home, after work, it can easily turn out that we are on the net for 50 to 60 hours a week. We have to emphasize that fact.

So, in the USA, many high school students also have two smartphones, with inevitable status and photos on the social network “every minute”.

Officially, there are about 3.77 billion active Internet users in the world, Facebook and Instagram use around 1 billion, and the social network Twitter around 269 million users. More than half of households, about 52 percent, own a computer, while 45 percent have two or more computers.


Social networks and the Internet have become an important part of our lives, and many are the primary means of communication with family and friends. However, pay attention to how much of your household is “glued” in front of the screen, small and large, mobile and laptops. It is very important that we give ourselves enough time for the true values ​​in our lives, and that is, of course, family and friends.