Hormones as Biomarkers

Health is often discussed when somebody is already ill. Now, in order to prevent that, people should do regular check-ups. The problem with that is that not a single method can determine everything. You need a blood test to see whether there is something strange there and you need an MRI scan to get a detailed look at a certain body part. None of those help if the problem is psychological.

Hormones are pretty specific in what they do in the human body. They serve the purpose of a trigger,  which signals the body to do a specific thing. In humans, hormones control a variety of actions, from the circadian cycle, breathing, growth, sexual reproduction, preparing the body for various life stages, the immune system and many more things.

Could hormones act as biomarkers for specific things? Maybe.

Hormones as Biomarkers – It it Possible?

Well, some hormones definitely signal that things are happening in your body, for instance, epinephrine. This hormone serves many purposes, mostly to regulate your blood pressure and deal with unwanted glycogen and lipids. On a serious note, epinephrine can save you and stop your heart, depending on the condition.

But, larger doses of epinephrine in a human body could mean many things, like a medical condition or simply a person surviving an ordeal which was threatening or scary. Hormones could tell you a story, but the problem is that they have an entire shelf with books of stories. In other words, hormones can mislead you.

Hormones as Pointers – Signs Are Necessary

Often, a diagnosis requires you to rule out a lot of things. A precise diagnosis means that you need to take a look at the symptomes, as well as the state of a human, or animal’s body, and then decide which condition is affecting the affected. Hormones, their higher or lower levels can easily point towards a condition, or even a lack of one.

Hormones could help diagnose a condition, but not on their own. They can serve as a guide to look at things associated with those hormones. Don’t expect the diagnosis to go like an episode of Doctor House, as the cases seen there are often fringe cases with an extremely unlikely way of diagnosing patients.

Hormones as Just That – Hormones

Remember when Sigmund Freud said that a cigar might just be a cigar? Well, the same can be said of a hormone. A hormone is often just a hormone, doing its own thing and signaling the body to regulate or change something. It is true that hormones can point you in the right direction of diagnosing a condition or a disease, but they can also mislead you, again.

Hormones can be biomarkers, but they can also just be a sign of nothing particularly interesting.