Hormones and Brain Chemicals in Humans

The influence of the hormone and brain chemicals is so strong that it suppresses desire, temperament, and common sense. They determine social and love-sexual life, career, the need for offspring, and much more.

How do hormones and brain chemicals affect men?

Men, who are under the influence of testosterone are dominant, they follow the epithets of the masculinity because of their character as alpha males. They have a strong sexual drive.

Oxytocin lowers the level of stress and plays a major role in emotional binding for a partner and children. It is responsible for the feeling of falling in love, as well as for showing tenderness towards his loved ones.

Cortisol is called a hormone-gladiator because it is activated when a man is endangered and angry and gives him the power to withstand all temptations, as well as readiness to fight life and death.

Brain chemical dopamine is a driver of good mood, fun, and enjoyment.

Serotonin as the chemical has various functions—accelerates motor function, regulates blood circulation in the brain, affects the regulation of body temperature, reduces pain, reduces appetite, and if it’s too low, it has a huge impact on sexual desire or disables erection in a man.

How hormones and brain chemicals affect women?

The level of cortisol hormone decreases overnight, allowing you to fall asleep, and during PMS, cortisol levels rise and cause agitation and insomnia.

The mood is under the control of endorphins, but it is also the result of constant changes in estrogen, progesterone and adrenaline levels in the body. The excessive amount of each of these hormones, which occurs in PMS, can cause mood swings and depression. What is important to know is that exercises release endorphins, to be precise, enkephalin, which helps for a good mood, and regular exercises will help to ease PMS.

The level of estrogen and progesterone can also determine the level of sexual desire. Estrogen increases the sexual desire of women, and progesterone decreases.

Hormones such as thyroxine, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone could have a huge impact on appearance. A hormonal disorder can cause acne, hair on the face, hair loss. If there is a reduced serotonin production in the nervous system, mood disorders occur in the form of depression, and fear is very common.

What is important to realize about hormones and brain chemicals?

In the end, we can say that an adequate secretion of hormones and chemicals is vital to the human organism. It affects us from birth to death. They regulate numerous physiological and psychological functions, but also the growth, development, and behavior of a man.

We can say that our hormones and chemicals truly make us unique, and that their adequate level in the body is necessary not only for growth, development and proper physical, as well as psychic functioning but also for the survival of the organism itself.