Games and How They Affect Psychophysical Health

Old social games that collect dust somewhere on the top of the closet could represent the key to your mental activity and the health of the intellect. In addition to entertainment, social games bring people together in activities that involve both competition and cooperation.

Among the most popular social games are certainly Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Mastermind, and in these modern times, video games. What is important and common to all games is to offer much more than ordinary entertainment. Moreover, these games have a positive impact on general psychophysical health, regardless of the age of the players.

How to Maintain Vitality of the Brain

To keep the brain in good shape, you need two types of activities – you need to preserve the speed and clarity of your mind. Studies have shown that older people who remain physically active are mentally preserved. They usually maintain their mental health by playing social games, reading, socializing, talking, dealing with creative hobbies, learning new skills, solving crosswords, watching TV quizzes, etc.

Video games

Many action games require quick thinking and quick reactions as the character we manage is trying to survive in the game. In actual situations, active players are able to perceive what is happening around them and make decisions much faster.


Tests show that chess improves memory, ability to solve problems, concentration, and with this mental activity, we become more creative. Regular chess play improves the activity of brain cells and delay their aging, and could even prevent, or at least delay, the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Today we have online chess where we can play against a computer on different levels, or against another opponent online.


Sudoku is a game that originates from Japan. It’s a logical number puzzle. The goal of the game is to fill all the boxes with numbers from 1 to 9 so that each number can appear exactly 9 times. The problem is that one number may appear only once in each line, each column, and each section of 3×3 fields. Online we have various Sudoku games for PC, Android, and iOS.


CogniFit focuses on assessing and promoting cognitive health. All of the tests and tools for stimulating brain function have been scientifically confirmed.

CogniFit is also useful for individuals, families, and schools: playing different mental games, you can discover what your cognitive status is. Available online and made for anyone this app is one of the most popular on the Internet.


Crosswords are a type of puzzle that allows learning and expanding general knowledge. Standard crosswords are a two-dimensional table with rows and columns of fields in which the required words are to be entered. As a rule, each letter is typed in each field of the table. The words are crossed in this way, and the task is to figure them out with the attached descriptions (definitions) and thus fulfill the whole character.


There are many variations on the mentioned games as well as many new original ones that help cognitive brain function, be free and curious in finding new options to improve your memory.