Adequate Ways of Overcoming Everyday Stressful Situations

Usually, there is a lot of talk about stressful life events that leave the immediate negative consequences per person and affect the rapid deterioration of her psychophysical functioning-death or severe illness of close people, loss of work or property, breakup, divorce, However, when people say that they have problems because they are “under constant pressure or stress” they describe the impact of everyday stressful situations on their psychophysical condition.

Source of Stress

Problems at work—overtime, too short deadlines, poor interpersonal relationships, delay, family problems— poor communication with a partner, child care, financial problems, etc. Although the impact of these situations is not currently disastrous in our functioning, their frequent involvement may contribute to increased anxiety, decreased mood, chronic fatigue, and more.

Change in the Situation of the Given Situation

Although some situations seem negative, and you feel that you cannot overcome them, you are wrong. Any situation can be overcome, only it is important to change the way you look at it. It is, therefore, wrong to say that stressful situations have a direct impact on our negative response to them. Between the situation and our emotional and physiological reactions, there is our inertness that takes place in our head or, there is our thinking about the given situation.

For example, instead of being angry with your colleague because he did something that bothered you, and instead of telling yourself how he does it all the time, try to consider the possibility that he actually does not know what and why you are disturbed. At the moment when you are in a good mood and calm, openly tell him what you think about the given situation and in what direction you would like to change his behavior.

It is important to move the focus from the thoughts of how this person is impossible to think about your business, things that relax you, and so on.

Reduce the Requirements You Set for Yourself

Sometimes the excessive demands you set yourself can be a source of chronic stress. You can ask yourself to be hired for two or three functions within the workplace, to take children to school, to train, to help them with their home, etc. It is important here to set priorities, sometimes you can only do one job, but you want to perform each item perfectly and take it too long.

By reducing the requirement, you will be able to perform things better and, most importantly, you will be less tense.

Practice Relaxation at the Daily Level

Chronic stress makes you tense and exhausted. Relaxation can be time spent in activities that give us pleasure, hobbies or socializing with friends or family. In addition, it is very important to practice physical activities (walking or running, cardio training) as well as yoga that has proven to be very effective because it brings you into a state of relaxation. It is important that, no matter how you feel, to do something for yourself on a daily basis for at least half an hour, do not think about how difficult it is to start, but remember the good feeling that you have during or after those activities.