4 Great Health Education Apps for Teachers

 Health education in schools is very important as it is usually the first encounter that children have with this topic. Familiarizing them with healthy food and a healthy lifestyle at an early age gives them a better chance to implement some of those healthier options later in their life. If done correctly, health education could be the answer to the growing problem of diabetes and heart conditions in the world. However, students need more modernized ways of learning that go beyond posters and blackboards. That is why we bring you 4 great apps that teachers can use as tools during their health education classes.

1. Awesome Eats

Awesome Eats is an app created by Whole Foods that lets children sort and stack healthy foods. The aim of this app is to teach them how to make good choices regarding food and how to have a good balance between fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It brings children closer to food that comes straight from the ground and provides them with tips about healthy eating. They can unlock more than 60 levels, discover new characters and earn stars.  Although older children can certainly play with this app, it is primarily aimed at younger kids, about 4 or 5 years old.

2. Food Span

For most children, especially those living in cities, food comes from the grocery store. They have no knowledge of where healthy food actually comes from and what it takes for it to get to the supermarkets. That is why Food Span teaches children how healthy food is grown on fields and farms, harvested, shipped and then sold in stores. It even explains some aspects of the food industry, such as how shipping can affect the overall quality of food. It is aimed at older children, but teachers could definitely adapt it to younger pupils.

3. YumPower

One of the most difficult things about eating healthy is sticking to your healthy diet when you eat out. This is something that even adults are having trouble with, but luckily, there is an app that can help both children and their parents in situations like these. This app compares all the menus of close-by restaurants and chooses the one with the healthiest options for your child. You even have an option to insert diets and search, for example, for diabetes-friendly menus in the area or restaurants that offer heart-friendly food.

This is going to lower the risk of your students going to fast food restaurants and making unhealthy decisions.

4. KidsDoc

Since living healthy isn’t just about eating healthy, but about having an overall healthy lifestyle, Kids Doc is a great app to use to teach your students more about the human body. This app focuses on injuries and diseases that can affect human beings, so your students can learn more about the symptoms and what exactly causes such problems. This app is full of great information and even provides the children with a first aid tutorial. However, it might be a good idea to warn your students that this app is not a replacement for the doctor’s office and that they should not try to diagnose themselves.